SurveyHost is able to handle almost any kind of Survey project. We want to hear about yours! Please Get in Touch and one of our Design Consultants will contact you to discuss your project.

The SurveyHost Process:

We have a lot of experience in all aspects of the survey process. Some of our customers come to us with the decisions they need to make or the problems they need to analyze, and we guide them through the whole process from A to Z. Other customers are already experts in different aspects of their projects and just need help with the technical execution of a web survey with specific logic rules.

Most of the time, the customer is somewhere in the middle. Some customers have a questionnaire in a Word Document, ready to be made into an online survey instrument. Others have already collected thousands of paper surveys from their customers and need them scanned and tabulated into spreadsheets or reports.

Our services can include any or all of these, and probably anything else you need, too:

  • Strategy Consulting – What kinds of management decisions need to be made? What data will be most useful in informing those decisions? Are you focusing on product development, customer satisfaction, employee experience, market research, etc? Should you deploy in multiple languages?
  • Tactical Consulting – Effective organizational development needs guidance from accurate information. We will help you assess the most effective media for the highest response rate – web, paper, kiosk, or mixed media. We have suggestions and tools to ensure a positive respondent experience.
  • Questionnaire Design – While the bulk of the content will come from you, we work with you to improve and target your instrument. Our design consultants have experience with effective phrasing and questionnaire structure. They’ll work to make sure the question and scale will support the kind of reports you need to see. We’ll review your survey for ease of use and accurate results.
  • Language translation – We can translate all of the text, questions, scales, and UI elements in the survey to whatever languages are required. Or, you can provide the translations and we can just set up your surveys in whatever languages are required.
  • Survey Development – This includes designing and programming the web survey, formatting the paper survey for scanning, building a respondent portal, formatting HTML invitation emails and whatever else is needed. We have strict deadlines and comprehensive checklists that we conform to. Rigorous Quality Assurance every step of the way ensures flawless execution. You are kept updated throughout and will be given the opportunity to test every aspect of the project to confirm it meets your standards.
  • Survey Deployment – At the moment you specify, your survey goes live. Email invitations are sent out, paper surveys are distributed and data collection begins. For online surveys, while our servers are hard at work collecting the data you have 24/7 access to real-time views of completion rates and question responses. Data files are also available instantly for download and analysis.
  • Data Collection/Aggregation (non-web surveys only) – This is the stage where filled-out paper surveys come back to us and we scan, data-enter where required, and do error checking. This is a big area for potential quality problems with a discount vendor, and it is important to have the kind of expertise we have in-house to insure the lowest possible rate of error. All work is done in our Seattle offices where we can closely monitor accuracy.
  • Reporting – There is arguably no more important aspect of a survey project. This is where it all comes together and you get the payout of valuable information for your decision-making process. We work with the collected data from your survey project to create compelling report figures that help convey the survey results in a clear and engaging way.