Full Service Scanning

Only do an occasional survey? Want to integrate scanned paper surveys with a web hosted survey? Don’t want to invest in software, equipment, and training to do it in-house? We can help you with any or all aspects of a scanned survey project.

Apian offers a full range of services for scanned surveys:

  • Converting a Word doc to a scannable survey ready for printing. Provide your specifications, with your own branding and design requirements. We’ll handle the details – like enough white space around the bubbles – to ensure a low error rate on processing.
  • Web and Paper Surveys Together. We can host a web survey with the same or similar questions as your paper version. Our systems can easily do analysis of the same questions together, even if there are variations between the surveys.
  • Scanning in responses. You can have respondents send their surveys directly to us, or send them in batches. We’ll scan them using OMR technology and prepare a data file.
  • Entry of Open-Ended Comments. Even the best technology is not capable of consistently reading handwriting. We’ll do manual entry of all comments for you, preparing them for easy analysis and reporting.
  • Data File. Every project includes a CSV or SDH file with all the data collected for you.
  • Reports Packages. The basic report package is the same as the one offered for SurveyHost clients: aggregate results and an Excel spreadsheet containing all data. If we’re also doing a web survey, the reporting can combine results from all data sources, or keep them separate. Custom reporting is also available, to your specifications.

For more information and pricing for your scanning project, Get in Touch or call 1-800-237-4565.